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My Bikini Model Cookbook Review: If Only I Knew This Earlier!

bikini bodyHi, I’m Alley and today I’m writing this review because I’m pissed off! I’m sick of all the lies and misinformation out there on the internet and I’m really pissed at the false promises in today’s TV commercials!

Over the past year I’ve probably wasted about $300 on diet books, guides and even tried some pretty extreme diets which actually backfired resulting in me almost being hospitalized.

If you want that bikini model body like those in a magazine or you just want to look and feel sexy in a bikini, you need to read this because what I found will not only change the way you think about dieting in general it will change the way you’re going to eat for the rest of your life!

You probably already know this but not all diets are created equal. If you want to lose weight you’re not going to follow a body builders diet plan right? So if you want a body like a bikini model then you’re going to want follow a diet plan that is made for bikini models and the best way to do this is follow a diet created by a real professional bikini model.

If you’re reading this then you’re probably like I was about 2 months ago when I was doing my research on Caithleen Heffernan looking for a bikini model cookbook review.  Back then I couldn’t really find many reviews and the ones I did read didn’t really explain what was included.

Lucky for me, I did end up buying myself a copy and here is my review so you know if it’s right for you.

Bikini Model Cookbook – Is It Worth It?

The Bikini Model Cookbook

I’m a big fan of Caithleen Heffernan now and her Bikini Model Cookbook now because ever since buying it I’ve really changed the way I eat and I’m seeing results every day. I’ve tried other guides and I’ve tried different types of diets but never have I stuck with them as I have done so with Caithleen Heffernan’s.

But don’t take my word for it there is literally thousands of positive reviews out there and if it doesn’t work why the heck would big magazines feature her? I doubt they would want to ruin their reputation promoting rubbish!

But is it worth the money Alley? That’s something you might be thinking right now and my response is a big yes. I’ve spent a lot of money on garbage lately but Caithleen Heffernan’s bikini model cookbook is something I’m very happy to have bought – I actually wish I had of found it before I wasted my money on other so called guides, books and diets!

What’s Included In The Bikini Cookbook Model Review?

The Bikini Model Cookbook ReviewYou might be thinking that $49.99 is an expensive price to pay but if you look at what’s included you’re actually getting a LOT for your money. When I first purchased it I didn’t really know what to expect but WOW for $49.99 it really is money well spent, especially if you want real results.

  • The Bikini Model Cookbook: Your All Natural Guide to Weight Loss and Your Own Bikini Body
  • The Bikini Model Grocery Guide
  • The Bikini Model New Recipe Updates (with cooking videos and fitness tips)
  • The Bikini Model Food Myths
  • Fitness Model Lifestyles

The food myths will really open your eyes because some of the foods I’ve been eating where in there and I was absolutely shocked!

So, if you want to learn how to get a bikini body whether it be so you can become a bikini model or you just want to be bikini body ready then the Bikini Model Cookbook is definitely worth checking out.

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