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AmandaHi everyone and welcome to my personal blog. My name is Amanda Wilson and today I want to talk about the Andrea Albright My Bikini Butt workout program everyone has been raving about.

There are a few things I want to talk about in my review and it’s probably a little different to other My Bikini Butt reviews that you may have already read. I just want to make it clear that this is my opinion and thoughts of the program after following it to a tea for the past 3 months.

You might not have noticed but in the video on Andrea Albright’s website (official website here) she says that her ex-boyfriend said some pretty mean stuff to her and she used that as motivation to get to where she is today. Her story and mine are very similar only I was bullied at school about my weight and was always called bubble butt manda because my butt was big and round 🙁

When I first heard her story I really connected with what Andrea saidthrough out the entire video. If you haven’t watched the video, Andrea went from a size 12 down to a size 2 and she looks absolutely amazing.

I found the My Bikini Butt workout program after watching her ad on TV about 4 months ago. Seeing her results and everyone’s else’s body transformations in their before and after pictures I just had to give it a try for myself.

BUT..What is Andrea Albright’s My Bikini Butt Workout Program?

 Andrea AlbrightYou might be thinking it’s some kind butt workout that only targets your butt but it’s a lot more than that, it’s a combination of a full body workout program and specialized diet plan to help you get that slim, toned bikini body like she achieved.

Andrea Albright has been featured on a number of T.V programs like San Diego 6, Fox5, Mexico Today and was the cover girl on Health & Fitness Magazine. She’s helped over 100,000 women get a bikini body without starving yourself or going on crazy diets.

Andrea was a regular sized American woman – size 12, a little flabby and feeling unhealthy from all the take out and fast food that’s readily available today. She knows the ups and downs of being over weight and totally understands how other over weight people feel because she has been there before.

That’s why when she put her My Bikini Butt workout programs together, she knew how important it was to make it doable for everyone. What I really like about the 12 week bikini body program is, it’s realistic!

The workouts are fun and the food is amazing and to my surprise the food is very easy to make. Andrea shows you how to shop and how to cook

What’s Included In The My Bikini Butt Workout Program?

This is what is included when you buy Andrea’s My Bikini Butt 12 week bikini body program:

My Bikini Butt Andrea Albright UnBoxed

What’s included when you buy..

  • “My Bikini Butt” Complete Bikini Body Program – Videos that teaches you how to eat, move, breathe and exercise.
  • “Smooth Out Cellulite”, I absolutely love this video it helped me smooth out my cellulite!
  • “Mini-Vacation: Spa Escape” which teaches you how to make use of spas to lose weight.
  • “100 Fat Melting Recipes” recipe eBook – LOTS of yummy recipes in here.
  • “Blast the Fat” eBook.
  • “Blast Belly Fat” eBook, audio and video guides.
  • “Healthy Ways to Eat in Your Car!” guide, audio files and videos.
  • “6 Moves to Slim and Tone Inner Thighs” exercise videos.
  • “How to ‘Cheat’ and Still Lose Fat” guide and video.
  • “How to Eat Clean with a Busy Life” online video guide.
  • “Stop Feeling Lazy and Sore Now” guide and video.
  • “The In-Home Liposuction Look-Alike” eBook guide.
  •  “Reveal the Thin Within” eBook and audio guides.
  • “Smooth Out Cellulite”, a video guide with exercises to get rid of cellulite!
  • The fast track 28-Day Bikini Butt Program
  • Andrea Albright’s Secret Super Tips such as the Brazilian Diet & Brazilian Butt
  • Specialized Meal plans that help you burn fat faster
  • The Success Journal, a daily diary for accountability to keep yourself encouraged
  • Unlimited 24/7 support from Andrea Albright via email and the member’s forum

So Does It Work And Is It Worth Your Money?

Well my goal was to tone my legs and butt and it did in fact work very well for me. BUT the one thing I didn’t expect to work as well as it did is the cellulite treatment mentioned in the Smooth Out Cellulite videos. That alone has made me a very happy woman! My cellulite is almost gone… I mean it’s extremely faint and unless you’re right up close you wouldn’t be able to recognise it.

before after bikini body workouts

I honestly think if I keep working on it the cellulite will vanish completely. So if you’re wondering if Andrea Albright’s My Bikini Butt workout program is worth the money –  It’s definitely worth every penny and I am so glad found it! Everything she talks about in the video on the home page(watch it here) makes so much sense!

Thanks for reading my My Bikini Butt review, if you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer them. If the My Bikini Butt program worked for me I’m 100% sure it will work for you!

And Andrea if you ever read this review – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You have made me one happy woman 😀


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  1. Emily

    Hi my name is Emily.
    Love your review and can definitely vouch for Andrea Albright. I’ve been following her workout for about 2 and a half weeks with really good results. I’m about to go on vacation and was wondering have you tried any of what Andrea suggests in her mini vacation spa escape guide? I’m definitely going to give it a go!



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