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Sweat With Kayla ReviewIs It Really Worth The Download? Let’s Investigate…

KimBefore I get started, this is not a raving review full of positive blah blah like some reviews out there. Not this review, this is yet another negative review much like all the low star reviews that can be found in theĀ app store. šŸ™

Hi there and thanks for reading my Sweat With Kayla review, it’s something I’ve been asked to do for some time now by loyal readers and now I have finally had the time to do it.

If you’re like most people thatĀ have an iPhone or iPad, then you’ve probably already searched for the app in the App storeĀ and noticed all the negative reviews Kayla has been receiving which is a little alarming. Before downloading anything online I always do my research and this was no different.

After reading peoples reviews in the App store I was pretty turned off and didn’t really want to download it at all due to all of the complaints of being locked into payment plans and lack of fresh workout information. With all theĀ complaints and negativity I thought surely it can’t be that bad, there are some good reviews.

It seems the positive reviews are starting to come in but is this by her love struck fans who want to drown out all the negativity? There are definitely a lot of people complaining about payments being taken out even after un-subscribing which is a little sad especially for those who really need the money.

Below is just someĀ of the many negative reviews left on the app store –

(may need to zoom in because I couldn’t get the screenshot to fit)


Again these are just some of the reviews I dug up but as you can see it’s an alarming trend. What worries me most is a lot of the positive reviews just seem fake but that is my opinion and I’m not going to accuse anyone for this. Again, this is just my opinion and Sweat with Kayla review.

dislikeI’ve also come across other sweat with kayla reviews that have the same opinion which again is a little alarming. After researching and doing my homework I have decided NOT to download or opt in to Kayla’s payment plan. I certainly don’t want to be locked into anything, especially if it’s not worth the money.

Sweat With Kayla Alternatives

Bikini Body Workouts – Although this is not an app, this is a complete workout system with videos, eBooks, nutrition guide and shopping list all included in one price of $39.99 which is a fraction of the cost Kayla Itsines charges for her Bikini Body Guide. Very high success rate and lots of positive reviews.

Update: Go here to get a 15% off coupon for Bikini Body Workouts –

Do you know a good alternative? Have a review you would like to add about the Kayla Itsines and her Sweat with Kayla app?

Feel free to leave a comment below.

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