Bikini Body Guide ReviewMy Kayla Itsines Review of Bikini Body Guide

About to buy Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide? DON’T!
Kayla Itsines review

What I found out about the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide might shock you!

Bikini Body Guide

Hi, my name is Amanda and I’m a mom of 2 adorable boys and I’m also a carer for my mother who is restrained to a wheel chair after a horrific car crash 3 years ago.

I’ve always struggled with my weight especially after turning 30! I’m 33 now and for the past 5 years I’ve really found it hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I packed on a lot of pounds after my second child but I never really noticed it because I was so busy. I’d stopped taking care of myself and really let myself go.

This is why I went in search for ways to lose weight. I needed a good weight loss plan to follow and done a LOT of research looking for the best weight loss programs.

I first stumbled upon Kayla Itsines workouts on Instagram and then found some interesting articles about her story and how she became Instagram famous from her workouts.

My main goal is to look good in a bikini again and after reading about her Bikini Body Guide I was really excited. I wanted that bikini body!

I was ready to buy Kayla Itsines Guides right there and then, well until I seen the price that is. I was shocked to find how expensive it all worked out to be after calculating it all up.

I share my journey below, however, if you’re reading this and just want the “quick” version of my review. I ended up going with Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts just because it was a more affordable program than Kayla Itsines.

It was my daily commitment and following Jen’s plan that created results for me, not a celebrity. Why should I spend more on a program if I don’t have to? I saved a ton of money and still got killer results.

Kayla Itsines Guides vs Jen Ferruggia Guides:

Type Jen Ferrugia Kayla Itsines
Beginner Level  Level 1 Workout  @ 29.99 BBG Program 1.0 @ $69.97
Advanced Level  Level 2 Workout @27.99 BBG Program 2.0 @ $69.97
Nutritional Guide  FREE Diet Plan Additional cost of $69.97
Total Cost $57.98 $209.91+

As you can see Jen Ferrugia kept her price so it was more affordable for every one and what I like most about Jen’s Bikini Body Workouts – you don’t have to buy as much gym equipment. Both are very similar programs yet such a huge difference in price.

I’ve had a hard time staying consistent with a workout program in the past, but for some reason I stuck with it this time and really enjoyed the workouts by Jen Ferruggia.

UPDATE 10/2/16: Some of the comments below from others also mentioned a coupon site that gives an extra 15%. Thank you ladies.


The Real Cost Of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide!

Here is the total cost of the Bikini Body Guide (BBG Program) and the cost for everything you need to follow it..

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guides

List of all Kayla Itsines guides with price.

  • Bikini Body Workouts Guide Weeks 1-12 = $69.97
  • Bikini Body Workouts Guide Weeks 13-34 = $69.97
  • H.E.L.P Nutrition Guide = $69.97
  • H.E.L.P Nutrition Recipe Guide = $19.97
  • Plus you need to buy additional gym equipment to do the workouts = MORE $$$$

This is what I really don’t like…..After you complete the 12 week workout plan in the Bikini Body Workouts guide you then have to purchase the next level which is weeks 13 to 24! It’s a 199 page guide but again it costs an extra $69.97 AHHHH!!! Why so expensive???

Jen Ferruggia Bikini Workout Guides were much more affordable.

KEEP READINGOn top of all that, you’ll also need to purchase some gym equipment to follow along with Kayla Itsines workout. You’ll need two benches/steps, a mat (optional but if you have tiled floor it’s much more comfortable), two small dumbbell weights (3-5 kgs each), a medicine ball (between 6-12kgs), a skipping rope, and a bosu ball.

Then she also recommends buying a heart rate monitor/fitness tracker which will cost another $99.97…As you can see, all of this can add up quickly even if you buy second hand equipment. You could go to the gym and use their equipment but I thought the Bikini Body Guide was designed so you could do it all at home right?

Something else to think about – You’ll also need some room to workout in so if you don’t have much space – all this equipment is going to take up a lot of room.

The Nutrition Guide – I’ve done a lot of reading about this and to be honest it’s what has shocked me the most. After reading review after review everyone seems to have the same opinion about it.

a.) The food is very expensive.
b.) Most people say the low calorie diet she promotes is bad for you!
c.) Cravings where terrible
d.) It should be included free.

Is Kayla Itsines Guides Worth The Money?

not worth itCall me cheap but in my opinion(remember, this is my bikini body guide review) I really don’t think it’s worth it? Especially when there are other well known and more popular bikini body guides out there. My question is why the high price tag for a digital download?

I really don’t like all the EXTRA costs involved. This is the main reason why I opted out and didn’t buy Kayla Itsines guides. It just doesn’t seem worth it to me and after reading all the mixed Bikini Body Guide reviews out there I’m just not convinced about the cost.

The Kayla Itsines Alternative That Worked For Me!

If you’re really wrapped in Kayla Itsines guides then go ahead and buy them. I personally just can’t bring myself to spend that much money on something that isn’t THAT good. If you don’t want to fork out all that money then here is an alternative which in my opinion is the better deal and it worked for me.

Again I was back on Youtube and Google looking for something GOOD and more affordable to help me get that bikini body I wanted. I came across Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts which to me looks very similar to Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide except way cheaper and you actually get MORE bang for your buck!

What’s Included In Jen Ferrugia Bikini Body Workouts

Bikini Body Workouts

  • Interactive E-book and exercise videos( I LOVE them, so easy to follow along to)
  • Bikini Body MONTHLY Workouts
  • Bikini Body Nutrition Guide
  • 21 Day Booty Blast (These extra workouts helped me shape my butt and I’m lovin it).
  • Bikini Body supplement list for the BEST supplements for weight loss.(So you don’t waste money on garbage)
  • Bikini Body guide shopping list to help you make the best choices.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.

I love watching the videos on my iPad. Watching them, I’ve learnt how to perform each workout in perfect form and I really think this is what also helps with your results because if you exercise wrong it can slow down results or cause injury!

I don’t want to sound like I’m verbally bashing Kayla Itsines Bikini Body guide in my review but why spend all that money when you can buy the Jen Ferrugia Bikini Body Workouts for more than half the price?

My Results After 42 Days Following Jen Ferrugia Bikini Body Workouts

My results on day 42 of Jens 12 week bikini body workouts! Hard work pays off..I lost 30lbs 🙂

Bikini Body Workouts Before And After

Check out all the other before and after shots on Jen’s website here <<

I wont lie and tell you it was easy BUT after the first 2 weeks I was addicted to my new lifestyle. The workouts became super easy and fun plus after each workout I felt full of energy.

I’m loving the food as well, it’s not like the FAD diets you see all over the internet. Jens shopping list makes it so much easier for me to make healthier choices and there is no starving myself or feeling hungry all the time because it’s not a diet like Kayla Itsines promotes.

Each day I feel more and more energetic and I can literally see my body transforming. I don’t know if anyone else does this but each week I put my bikini on and take a selfie.

My friends and family have all noticed the big change as well and are all so happy for me. They couldn’t believe that something on the internet worked so well! Now I have 3 of my close friends and my 2 sisters doing the Bikini Body Workouts.

They’ve only just started but they’ve all fallen in love with Jen’s program and wish they had of started it earlier. I feel like their personal trainer or more like a personal motivator lol because they all come to me for answers but the funny thing is, it’s all there in the Bikini Body Workouts.

Jen if you ever read this – THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. You’ve changed my life! I feel amazing…And my hubby thanks you as well 😉

I know my Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide review might not be what you were looking for but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative or if Kayla Itsines guides are not for you then definitely have a look at Jen Ferrugia and her Bikini Body Workouts. It worked for me so it can certainly work for you!

Have a question? Leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer you.


  1. Jaymie

    Hi Amanda, very inspiring stuff.

    After seeing your results I had to get myself a copy as well and it’s great so far, really loving it! Heads up though and hope you don’t mind me sharing this but I found a coupon for the bikini body workouts here saved me some money 🙂


    • Amanda

      Hi Jaymie,
      Thanks for reading my review and thanks so much for sharing. If it will help others save some money I have no problem at all with that. Wish I had of known about it myself..

      Good luck,
      Amanda xx

  2. Sharon Fitzpatrick

    Congratulations Amanda on your transformation!
    I’m on week 3 of Jens bikini body workouts and also seeing good results. I love all the before and after pics on Jens site and seeing your results is very inspiring. Lets do this!

    • Amanda

      Thanks so much Sharon 😀
      I also love looking at the before and after shots for motivation. I’ve been looking at all my old photos before I lost my weight and really regret not doing something about it earlier..Jens bikini body workouts is a godsend in my opinion.

      Good luck and do let me know how you go 😉
      Amanda xx

  3. Tasheka

    I was just about to buy the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide but to expensive for me! Thanks for the info Amanda.

    • Amanda

      Hi there Tasheka,
      I’m glad my Kayla Itsines review helped! Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide is probably good but wow is it expensive 🙁 Thing is the more I read about it the more I keep seeing mixed reviews with most of the bloggers out there not finishing the 12 week workout.

      Thanks again for your comment. I love hearing from you gals 😉
      Amanda xx

  4. Tammy

    Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for putting this out there. I’ve been reading so many mixed reviews about Kayla Itsines and her Bikini Body guide and it looks like most of the people who have been on the BBG don’t finish! Sounds like a lot of money to waste if you do not finish it.

    I’m going to buy Jen Ferruggia’s program that you suggested, looks really good. Quick question before I do – how many days per week did you workout to lose your weight?

    Feeling excited 😀 😀

    • Amanda

      Hi there Tammy,
      I workout out four days per week and I do all my workouts in the morning. I have a playlist of music I listen to which pumps me up! Ohh and I do all my workouts at home.

      Good luck darl xx

  5. Bianca

    Thanks for your review Amanda, I just purchased Jen Ferruggia’s guide and I must say it is really good. One question – is the upgrade to level 2 worth it?

    • Amanda

      Hi there Bianca,
      Thank you for reading my blog 🙂 I bought level 2 when I first bought Jens Bikini Body Workouts. In my opinion it is worth it but you don’t have to buy it. I’m not up to level 2 yet but had a look through and can tell it’s gunna make me sweat lol.
      Good luck Bianca and please let us know how you go xx

  6. Alejandra

    Hi Amanda!
    I’m from Mexico, I just buyed this program and I’m very excited!!! Could you tell me if I have to buy of aditional equipment???

    • Amanda

      Hi there Alejandra,
      I’m doing the workouts at home and all I have are some small dumbbells, a resistant band and a skipping rope. That’s what I really like about Bikini Body Workouts, you don’t really need any gym equipment!

      I’m also excited for you and wish you success! The most important part is taking action and never give up because it does work 😀

  7. Charissa

    Hi Amanda,
    I am so glad I read this review! I ALMOST bought Kayla’s program this morning UNTIL I read this blog. Thank you!
    I plan on starting Jen’s BBG tomorrow. Your results are amazing and you look fantastic… amazing! My main 2 questions are:

    1. Did you follow to eating plan she provides too?
    2. And did you do the at home workouts or the in-gym version with the equipment?

    Thank you so much!

    • Amanda

      Hi Charissa 😀
      No problem and thank you for reading and leaving a comment. I love hearing feedback from other gals good or bad.
      My answers to your questions –
      1. Yes but not 100% it is pretty flexible.
      2. I do all my workouts at home. I can’t really afford to go to the gym and it is to far for me to travel.

      My tips for you – stay strong and don’t let you or anyone talk you out of it. The first few workouts might be tough but once you start seeing some results you become addicted. My whole life has changed and I love the new me! I actually love life, where before I never really had an interest or hobby.

      Glad you liked my review and thanks for the compliment.
      Amanda xx

  8. dila

    Hi Amanda! I’m Dila from Malaysia. Your story on Jen Ferruggia workout is very interesting and I’m thinking of purchasing it. I checked out Jen Ferrugia’s website to find more about the workout but I could’nt find the explanation on the beginner level and advanced level as mentioned in your blog. Could you please help guide me on the workout and how to purchase it?

    • Amanda

      Hi there Dila,
      WOW Malaysia, I was over there when I was little long time ago now lol..
      After you purchase the main guide(which is for everyone) you then have the option to upgrade for the lvl 2 which is more advanced. That’s what I did anyway I got them both. The Bikini Body Workouts lvl 2 is definitely worth it, I’ve been getting stronger and stronger.

      Hope this helps,
      Amanda xx

  9. Sabine

    Hi Amanda! I’m Sabine from the Philippines! I tried to do the BBG of Kayla but I couldn’t get pass the first day. Either I worked out too hard or didn’t really understand the instructions that well but my girlfriend is actually doing it and you see the results, a little. So I was looking for another workout and I came across Jen’s and your review. I really want to try it and get committed but I don’t know if I can. I have a very small support system here but I saw this review and some of the other results of girls and I really want to be one of them. So i’ll try and purchase it this week and hopefully I can stick to it.

    Was it hard the first week? thanks a bunch

    xx Sabine ????

    • Amanda

      Hi Sabine,

      Sorry to hear you didn’t get passed the first day of Kayla Itsines BBG. That is a lot of money to not finish it 🙁
      As for Jen Ferruggia’s workouts I wont say it was easy, but it was definitely doable and trust me, I was very unfit when I first started. I like her videos, it’s kind of like having her in the room with you while you workout, telling you what to do.

      If you do give it a go, please keep us all updated or if you need some support just drop a comment and I will try and keep you motivated 😀

  10. Jules

    Saddly you havent even published my comment. How can you be so sure bbg is bad if you havent tried it?
    Thanks in advance

    • Amanda

      Hi Jules,
      I’m not sure what you mean as I didn’t receive any comments from you until now? Maybe it didn’t work for some reason when you hit send? Either way I am really sorry I missed it 🙁

      I’m not saying Kayla Itsines BBG is bad, I just can’t justify the price. I mean, they are just PDF e-Books after all and like I said in my review, I really don’t like how she charges extra for each guide and to advance in her program. If you add it all up, it’s very expensive especially compared to other workouts out there that include workout videos, grocery lists, nutrition guides, e-books and more all bundled into one for a much cheaper price. That’s why I bought and like Jen Ferruggia’s workouts so much, because you get all that and it’s only $39.99
      (Even cheaper if you get the coupon Jaymie suggested here

      Would I have got the same results with Kayla Itsines guides? I don’t know but I do know that I got really good results with Jen Ferruggia’s workouts and it was cheaper..

      Also, I’m definitely not saying Kayla Itsines is a bad person either, but I personally wouldn’t pay all that money just because she has a huge Instagram following..I wrote this review to help others who feel the same as I did when I first thought about buying her guides. I was actually really bummed out when I worked out the real cost. Plus if you look at all the other Kayla Itsines reviews there are a lot of mixed opinions. I noticed a lot of people following Kayla’s BBG also didn’t come close to finishing the 12 weeks, so that’s a lot of money down the drain if you think about it…

      Sorry I missed your first message, I hope I didn’t missed anyone else’s 🙁
      Good Luck,
      Amanda xx

  11. Lesly

    Due to you already did Jen’s workouts, maybe you can tell us if it’s kinda hard for the knees for people who have some troubles there? Just like an opinion, to know if you felt too much impact there?. I’d love to know that, summer is soooo close and would love to try it! Thanks!! 🙂

    • Amanda

      Hi Lesly,

      I guess that would depend on how bad your knees are? I’ve never really had any trouble with my knees so I can’t really say but some of the exercises might give you a little trouble. If they do give you trouble you could swap them with something else that is similar and easier on your knees.

      Sorry if I’m not much help to you.
      Amanda xx

  12. Julia

    Hi Amanda!
    I just purchased Jen’s workout guide, and I can’t seem to download it or access it.
    Did you have this problem as well, or is it just me??
    :/ Thankss!!

    • Amanda

      Hi Julia,

      No, I didn’t have that problem and sorry to hear if you are. I’m sure you will sort it out though. Did you get the email with your log in details? You need to log in to the members area with your details then you can download everything from there..All the videos and downloads are in there as well, just follow instructions on the members area home page and you should be good to go.

      If not, let me know and I will try help you more or you can email their support team and they will help you out. They’re really friendly so don’t hesitate to ask them questions if you need to..

      Amanda xx

  13. Carolina

    Hi Amanda! Thank you so much for your review! I really appreciate that you have taken your time to do this and carefully explain your own point of view. I was wondering if you have an instagram or somtehing so i can see more pictures of you!
    My main question is: i just want the fat to go away, i mean, im not that interested in getting “muscly”, even if i find it awesome in other women, that is not my personal goal. So, i want to ask you: to just lose weight and get rid of my belly fat, should i stop doing the workouts when i think ive achieved my goal? On the other hand, i was also thinking do you ever stop doing the workouts? i mean what happens after the 32 weeks? do you star a sort of “light” workout? lol
    Thank you sooooo much for everything <3

    • Amanda

      Hi Carolina,
      Thank you for reading and I’m glad you like my review.
      I do have facebook and Instagram but I like to keep those set to private because I have pics my children on there. I will post some more pics of myself on the blog soon though 🙂

      Jens workouts are great for losing weight – I lost the weight and kept it off. I wouldn’t say I’m muscly but I do feel stronger and am leaner than I’ve ever been. Keep the weights light and you wont get huge bulging muscles..As for the workouts, once you’ve completed the 32 weeks and lost the weight – simply repeat the 32 weeks. You will find you actually get addicted to working out and it’s now become a part of my lifestyle.

      Hope that helps and good luck hun, xx

  14. Fiona L

    Hi Amanda , your review is very very good . I’ve spent hours here going through which programme to go for after reading this if love to try Jens . My question is I’ve 10kg to loose and I want to loose it and really tone up the body . I saw there’s beginner and level 2 in exercise . I often do a work out DVD or go walking but I’m struggling to decide to start on beginner or go to level 2 . Or should you do both and how long do you do the level before you change to the second one . Many thanks Fiona 🙂

    • Amanda

      Hi there Fiona,
      Glad you liked my review 😀
      I grabbed both because it was a limited time offer or something I think and didn’t want to pay extra later on if the price went up. But that really is up to you. I found level one is great for beginners and I actually really enjoyed it which is probably why I stuck with it. Hope that helps and I really wish you luck with your journey to lose the 10kg.

      Amanda xx

  15. magik

    Wow you look fantastic!! I personally dont think this Kayla Itsines promotes healthy lifestyle. And she should be ashamed of herself to guiding young women into starvation mode and worse paying x

    • Amanda

      Hi Magik,
      Thank you so much for your kind words I also feel fantastic and also feel more confident. It’s really changed my life.

      There is a LOT of mixed reviews about Kayla Itsines diet and I’m not going to go into it to much but it’s not the kind of diet plan I personally would recommend. Her workouts on the other hand are probably good but in my opinion very expensive. That’s why I like Jen Ferruggia and her Bikini Body Workouts. You get the diet, shopping list, eBooks and videos that show you how to do each workout. I purchased both level one and level 2 of Jens workouts and it’s really worked for me.

      Thanks again,
      Amanda xx

  16. Lucy Smith

    Amanda, did you know you can get a coupon code for Jens workouts? Just go here worked for me and saved me some money.

    Great job on your progress, amazing results..I’m just starting and hope to see myself looking like that in 12 weeks..

    Wish me luck Lucy

    • Amanda

      Hi there Lucy
      Thanks for your comment. I unfortuantely missed out on the coupon when I purchased it but Jaymie posted a link to it a little while back. Glad you were able save some money though and good luck on your journey I’m sure you’ll do just fine 😉
      xx Amanda

  17. Ning Pei

    Hello Amanda! I am from Malaysia. I read from the comments above that you did your workouts 4 days per week. But the other days you didn’t do Jen’s workout did you go for a run or some cardio exercises? Thanks in advance.

    • Amanda

      Hi Ning Pei,

      Yes, I only do the bikini body workouts 4 days per week. On the off days I rest (no workouts). I’m pretty active now because I have a lot more energy and I do more fun stuff with my boys, but I do enjoy relaxing as much as I can. My eating habits are a LOT better than they used to be so Jen Ferruggia’s eating plan helped a lot with that..

      Hope that helps and thanks for reading my review 🙂

  18. Candace

    This was very thorough and informative. Thank you!

  19. Tannia

    Hi, your review was extremely helpful. I decided to buy Jen Ferrugia’s workouts. I have a question, after I bought and downloaded the guides a page opened with the workout videos, accidentally closed it and now I can access them, what should I do!?

    • Amanda

      Hi Tannia,
      Glad you liked my review. All you have to do is go to the members area and log in again with the details you got from sign up.
      If you have any trouble with logging in, simply just email them using the contact form.

      Hope that helps,
      Amanda xx

  20. Ilaria

    I first want to thank you for your review, as I was about to buy the Kayla BBG and probably would have spent a lot of money for it…
    I just have one question about Jen’s program : is there a printable version of the workouts or is it all online ? I don’t have such a reliable internet connection and I’m afraid this could be an obstacle for following this program…
    Thank you very much in advance !

    • Amanda

      Hi there Ilaria,
      Thanks for reading my review and I’m glad it helped. Yes, once you log in to the members area of bikini body workouts you can download all the guides. You get 4 guides – the workouts guide, nutrition guide, booty blast guide, bikini body shopping list and supplement list. If you buy level 2, you get the level 2 guide as well. I printed mine out plus have a backup on USB. Thanks for your comment xx

  21. Maria

    Hi Amanda may I ask how much weight you lost doing the bikini body workouts? I am thinking of buying it but I have 30kg to lose, you think I can do this?

    • Amanda

      Hi there Maria,
      I lost a total of about 32lbs which is around 15kg. If I can do it, you can definitely do it, you just need to stick with it and stay focused. I must admit, once you start seeing results it becomes very addictive.

      Good luck hun, you can do this!
      Amanda xx

  22. Lazara Cassar


    I am so happy I came across your review.
    I just subscribed to 7 day free trial of Kayla Itsines App Sweat With Kayla, I was wondering if I would actually pay for the subscription. I wanted to see if it was good. I actually haven’t the fitness part of the program, I was going to today, but I have the problem with nutrition. I love cooking, so canned, frozen, processed food … I don’t really like. I really wanted to THANK YOU for review. Like this I don’t spend much money for nothing.

    • Amanda

      Hi Lazara,

      I haven’t tried Kayla Itsines app but had a look at the reviews on iTunes and there seems to be a lot of people saying they where charged when they weren’t supposed to be? I think, going from the reviews, once the trial is up you automatically get charged. Again, I haven’t downloaded Kayla Itsines app, just going off other peoples reviews. Glad you liked my review and thanks for stopping by.

      Amanda xx

  23. Carmen

    Hi Amanda! I am writing from Singapore. Wow, you look amazing.. Thank you for sharing your review! I was also about to start on Kayla Itsines bbg until I saw your review. Would like to check with you, how do you progress after you finish the advance level of Jen’s workout? Is there another level to attain or do you repeat the advance level again? I am looking for a workout that is progressive and won’t stagnate.

    Thanks once again for sharing and encouraging all the women out there! You are an inspiration to many!


    • Amanda

      Hi Carmen.
      Thanks so much for your kind words, it really means a lot and motivates me to keep going. I still have a couple of weeks to go on level 1, but I have looked at the level 2 videos and they do look good. I actually can’t wait to try them…I think you just increase the intensity once you’ve completed them.

      Thanks again.
      Amanda xx

  24. Kondrat

    In all honesty… I was shocked too. I thought, why would anyone list an ebook so high? I’m an author, and my ebook is at 5.99$…. For a 302 page thriller. Yes it’s not a diet book, but that vs 70$…. It’s ridiculous. Anyway, there’s only so much a book can tell you…. You look stunning btw!

    • Amanda

      Hi Kondrat,
      Thanks for your comment and kind words. Bikini Body Guide is definitely over priced, well all of Kayla Itsines products are but hey that’s my opinion and I can see why you agree.

      Good luck,
      Amanda xx


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