Kayla Itsines Scam

ATTENTION: Be careful when buying Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guides. If you do buy her guides, only buy from her website www.kaylaitsines.com

One of my readers has told me there are websites selling illegal copies that may contain malware that can harm your computer. These sites will claim massive discounts like 80% off or practically give it away in attempt to steal your money. Again, Kayla Itsines only sells her guides from her website.

Kayla Itsines Free Download

Although many people will be tempted to download it for free from torrent sites or websites offering her guides for free, it does come with high risks. Yes, Kayla Itsines guides are expensive and probably not worth the money but it’s just not worth downloading it illegally because not only is it illegal you run the risk of downloading a nasty virus.

Again…Be careful and do your research before you buy anything online.

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